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From: MegaMole
Subject: [I] National Anthems texts
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 19:40:13 +0100

The ones that haven't been posted so far, and are mine to put up; Joy Green did a great job with Copperhead and Sto Lat. It's not my place to post those - I'll leave it up to her to do it if she wants to.

Anyway, here are the all-new ones, first performed at the Con, covering Uberwald, Ephebe, Djelibeybi and Pseudopolis. I'm proudest of Uberwald, I think, but Ephebe got the best reception:

TTTO the Passion Chorale (O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden)

O land of blood and blizzards,
Of storms and rocky crags,
O doom of Watch and wizards,
Of screaming midnight hags -
What evil storms are rising?
Bloom, death, thou crimson flower!
O moonlit dark horizon
Which howling packs adore!

Across the moon bats flitter,
On cliffs dread castles loom;
Red eyes of evil glitter
To seal their quarry's doom.
Dressed in the height of fashion
Your death will smile and wave,
And soon, without compassion,
You will be food or slave.

Your days are few - O quail not;
Run while you can, or hide,
To yield your neck you'll fail not,
They'll drink the scarlet tide;
Yet, if they take you yonder
You may a vampire rise,
With the undead to wander
In Uberwald's black skies.

And that's all.

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