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Verence and Magrat

From: Joy Green
Subject: [I] Filk - Verence and Magrat.
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 23:42:33 +1200

TTTO Fool on the Hill by The Beatles.

Night after night, asleep on the floor
The man with the foolish hat keeps watch in front of a door
But nobody seems to notice,
They can tell that he's just a fool,
And he isn't even funny,
But one lonely wet hen
Sees the pain in his face,
And the eyes in her head,
See the man, not the fool.

The flow'rs in her hair, wilt just like the rest
Of the witch with the new-age style, and peas on ironing-board chest
And nobody listens to her,
Or the words that she tries to say,
And she always feels so stupid
But the fool with his bells
Looks at her with a smile
And the thoughts in his head
Are a man's, not a fool's.

And though Magrat knows she likes him
She's not sure what she should do.
And he's shy about his feelings,
But the fool, now a king
Sees the sun in her hair,
And his tentative kiss,
Is a man's, not a fool's.

Night after night, asleep on the floor
The man with the foolish crown keeps watch behind his great door
But though people bow down to him,
Deep inside he is just the fool,
Still trying be of service,
While the witch looking on
Sees the fear in his heart,
And the love in her eyes,
Is for man, and for fool.

Joy Green

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