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We Shall Visit The Ungodly

From: Jon
Subject: [I] From the New Omnian Hymnal
Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 12:49:01 +0100

The second reading is from St. Bobby, ch. 7 v. 11.

"Then Jedediah and Hannibal were exiled into a strange land, where they were known not, and they did then repent, and forsook all wrong-doing, and sought forgiveness. But the governor of that land saith they might not be pardoned, for they must yet do penance, and their innocence yet remain hidden. Therefore they took up false names, and lived among the people, and had many interesting adventures."

All rise, and sing;

A&O no. 256, "We shall visit the Ungodly"
(TTTO 'What a friend we have in Jesus' or, for the secular, 'when this bloody war is over').

We shall visit the ungodly
Even though they call us names
We shall try to give them leaflets
For to save them from the flames

Though they hide behind the sofa
Though they scorn our words in pride
We shall try still to persuade them
Make the word of Om their guide

Knock on all doors O ye faithful!
Spread your pamphlets far and near!
Preach with patience and persuasion
That the Truth of Om is here!

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