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While Watchmen Walk

From: Joy Green
Subject: [R] Hogswatch Carol No 2 -- Hogfather.
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 22:16:05 +1300

While watchmen walk the streets by night
And children are asleep
A dreadful crime is taking place
Enough to make you weep
A motley crew of evil types
Assassin, lock pick, thief
Are out to steal our innocence
And murder our belief

How silently the crime occurs
No cries to mark the sin
But deep in childish fantasies
A fatal doubt sets in
And 'tis deep in dreamlands misty maze
The battle will be won
There is but one can follow there
To save the rising sun

But one, alone, by virtue of
Her strange heredity
She routs the villains armed with just
Her practicality
While pokers serve to overcome
The monsters in your dreams
It's childlike fears you use to kill
Real monsters, and their schemes

And yet, there's need of something more
To set the world to rights
A somewhat thinner festive saint
Must fly this hogswatch night
To keep credulity intact
So none need ever know
The only sign of aught amiss
A morbid "HO HO HO"

The tune is, of course, "While Shepherds Watched"

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