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Blue Smirnoff

From: Mark A. Cooper
Subject: [I] FILK: Blue Smirnoff
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 01:54:34 +0100

Inspired by a late-night conversation on #afp, I present my latest filk - hey! stop running!


Blue Smirnoff
(to the tune of Blue Velvet by Bobby Darin(?))

She drank Blue Smirnoff
Blue was her language when she's pissed
Aimed for the toilet - often missed
Sitting down...

She drank Blue Smirnoff
All red and bloodshot were her eyes
Alcohol-soaked her drunken sighs
What a clown!

Bottle clutched to her tightly
Feeling the stupor grow
Like a flame burning brightly
But when she belched, all near would go! Oh...

Blue Smirnoff
But in her mind will always be
Fuzzy and blurred a memory
Through the years
But I still prefer Blue Smirnoff to ten beers...

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