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Bushes Always Bomb Iraq

From: Daibhid Ceannaideach
Date: 18 Feb 2003 23:14:27 GMT
Subject: [I] A filk on the war

I got "The Reduced Shakespeare Company: The Complete Millennium Musical (Abridged)" for my birthday. It, along with Rory Bremner's shining example, inspired the following (the Shakespereans made me do it!):

Bushes Always Bomb Iraq

(TTO: "Everyone Hates the French", from Reduced Millennium Music thing)

(President Saddam Hussein, sitting alone on a sand covered stage, with a spotlight and an accordian)

Greetings, Western infidels! Allow me to share this with you...

Consider Zimbabwe, under Robert M.
Human rights violations? There's plenty of them.
You get off your farm,
If you don't fancy harm.
And you can't even say,
The man's got any charm.

Yet Bushes always bomb Iraq.
Bushes always bomb Iraq.
You worry your cricketers,
Might not come back,
But Bushes always bomb Iraq.

Korea's gone nuclear, hadn't you heard?
They thought the restrictions were simply absurd,
Under Kim Jong-il,
Proving his strong will,
So, some day soon, Pyongyang,
Might give Bush a prolonged bang...

Yet Bushes always bomb Iraq.
Bushes always bomb Iraq.
Korea and Zimbabwe,
You'd think he'd attack,
But Bushes always bomb Iraq.

You've got the wrong rogue state.
They're not welcome here, mate.
Worried for Kurds?
Don't be absurd,
When you've got Turkey heaped on your plate!

Yet Bushes always bomb Iraq.
Bushes always bomb Iraq.
Korea and Zimbabwe and Turkey and the countries with clear links to Al-Qaeda,
You'd think he'd attack.
But Bushes always bomb Iraq.

I'm sure that he's worried I ignore the UN,
But haven't both Bushes done that, every now and again?
My weaponry's total yield,
I don't want to see revealed,
My election was dubious,
And, frankly, I find dissent ludicrous,
Does anybody else find this very familiar?
Although obviously it's a different situation *entirely*.

For a start, he's still friends with Donald Rumsfeld. Maybe that's...

Why Bushes always bomb Iraq.
Bushes always bomb Iraq.
I'm an embarrassment,
They can't get off their back,
So Bushes always bomb Iraq.

Sing along!

Bushes always bomb Iraq.
Bushes always bomb Iraq.
It seems to make sense,
It's not coincidence,
That Bushes always bomb Iraq.
We've got lots of oil,
I broke off the deal,
So Bushes always bomb Iraq!


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