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Bye Bye Mail

From: Joy Green
Subject: [I] Filk -- Bye bye Mail
Date: Sat, 06 May 2000 00:00:30 +1200

As a result of some autofilking on #afp (with thanks to Mole for the last 4 lines) I present for your delectation, the little filk below:

Tune "Bye Bye Love" by The Everly Brothers

Bye bye mail
Bye bye MP3s
Hello misery
I think I'm gonna cry
Bye bye mail
Bye bye jpegs too
What am I gonna do?
I feel like I could die
Bye bye e-mail, goodbye

There goes the network
The server failed
The BOFHs are screaming
Want me impaled
It said "Love Letter"
Of course I read
It would be better
If I was dead


I'm through with romance
I'm through with love
I caught a virus
Oh Gods above
And the main reason
Why I'm so blue?
That blasted e-mail
Was sent to YOU

Joy Green

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