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Christmas Cooking

From: Jester
Subject: [I] afp carol service part 10
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 22:13:01 GMT

Here's one you might not want the kids to read 8-)
If anybody doesn't get the tune from the first line, I *really* don't want to know

Christmas Cooking

red onions fried with reindeer;
chilli; yellow peppers, two;
about half a pound of mushrooms.
we are cooking reindeer stew.
now don't forget the lemon,
add some herbs and tomatos,
throw in some cream, and simmer
brandy makes the whole thing glow

Now we leave this while we wait
for pasta or for rice
if it had been cooked before
it would be really nice, so

make sure you do your planning
so that everything is right
otherwise your cookng
can take all bleeding night

jester @ the geekling's (and slowly getting the hang of this forrin keyboard 8-)

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