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Come to CCDE

From: Mark A. Cooper
To: <>
Subject: Filks from 99
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 01:52:15 +0100

--- [I] Come to CCDE (Filk of Cabaret) ---

Having found that I'm suddenly able to post (I've been having trouble getting stuff from the newsgroups), I'm going to send this filk... but first, the attribution! If you don't want to read this... scroll down! :)

OK, during a discussion on #afp, a master filker named Joy Green (filkmistress?) suggested aloud that Cabaret should be filked... Within minutes, I'd written one (after finding the lyrics on the net). Showed it to Joy. "Where's the verses?" quoth she...

"There's more words... Louis Armstrong didn't sing it all..."
"Oh. Drat."

Found the extra words. Increased the filk's size. Showed it to Joy.

"Needs polish" she said. She polished it. I liked it... Therefore...

(OK, you others can come back now)

COME TO CCDE (to the tune of Cabaret from, er.... Cabaret)
Original filk lyrics Mark A. Cooper - Idea and Improved Lyrics by Joy Green...

What good is typing alone in your room?
Come share the afpers' glee...
Come to CCDE, old chum,
Fun at CCDE

Pick up your cabbage - Brassica of Doom
Compose a filk or three,
Fun at CCDE, old chum,
Come to CCDE

Come taste the ale, come masquerade
Come hurl that veg
Start celebrating,
Right this way, there's mayhem waiting...

No use maintaining that sad air of gloom
Climb on the train with me,
Fun at CCDE old chum
Come to CCDE!

Once there was a writer known as Pterry
I read all of his books which made me merry
Then I found usenet, and
A disease that won't release you once you catch it

'Twas here I heard of Clarecraft and discovered
They held Discworld Events --- well I'll be buggered!
It seemed more fun than sitting here at least dear
So I packed my supersoaker and went east dear

The next one's getting closer every day
It won't be long before I'm on my way

I won't be typing alone my room
No surfing or IRC...
I'm off to the Woolpit my old chum,
Off to CCDE

Why don't you join us, there's plenty of room
Come share a tent with me,
Fun at CCDE, old chum,
Come to CCDE."

And as for me,
As for me,
I made my mind up, I'll be going,
Even if it's bloody snowing...

Start by admitting
That end of July, the Woolpit's where you should be...
Come to CCDE, old chum
Fun at CCDE, old chum
And you'll love CCDE!

Mark (and, of course, Joy)

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