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Don't Stop Me Now

From: AfPhantom
Subject: Re: [R] three things (surprise, fear, and newbiedom?)
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 20:36:33 +0100

Quantum Moth wrote in message <>...
>AfPhantom wrote in message
>> AfPhantom (a.k.a. Brian May, for some reason)
>Just to clarify; I denounced you as the enormously coiffed
>one because of the name a star post; Brian is, scarily enough,
> a respected astronomer.

Agh! I can feel the symptoms creeping in as we speak! I already have the gamy leg, now I just have to develop white hair, a knighthood and a pronounced squint (which would explain my relationship with Anita Dobson).

Hang on, I'm getting my astronomers mixed up. *I'm* thinking of the one who was never as good a James Bond as Sean Connery, who quit action films in a fit of jealousy and started hosting The Sky at Night.

Silly me.

And now, a musical number I wrote for Bill Oort and the Comets; never recorded before the lyrics were adapted slightly and used by a little-known rock band...

Don't Stop Me Now

I'm gonna have myself a real good time
I feel ali-i-i-iive
And the world
Turnin' round and round
Floatin' about
In starry seas
So don't stop me now
Don't stop me
'Cause I'm havin' a good time, havin' a good time

I watch shooting stars leaping through the sky -
It's the Taurids, obeying the laws of gravityyyyyy
An astronomer, I'm not liiike those other guitarists,
I'm gonna go, go, go
There's no stopping meeeee

Rocks burning in the sky, yeah!
Four thousand degrees -
But that's in Kelvin not in Fahrenheit;
No travelling at the speed of light,
You oughtta know that supersonic's best they can do!

Don't stop me now!
Horizons are a flat line,
But Earth is a ball...
Don't stop me now!
When the weather's clear at night-time
Just gimmee a call!
Don't stop me now
(yes I'm havin' a good time)
Don't stop me now
('cos my telescope's so fine)
I don't wanna stop at all

I've a robot probe on its way to Mars
On a collision course;
And there's my satelites -
They're under control -
And a geostationary telescope!
Like the Hubble one,
It just might oh, oh, oh, oh, oh explode!

There's burnin' in the sky, yeah!
Four th... ou... er... um...

Er. Freddy Mercury wrote that one, didn't he?

I'd better quit while I'm behind...

Brian "AfPhantom" May

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