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Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 22:33:17 +0100
To: <>
From: Patrick Dersjant
Subject: Filk Waterloo by Abba

ELEPHANTS - A FILK [melody: ABBA , Waterloo]

A Meet
In Eindhoven was where we then did gather
Oh yes
A pint of Guinness near, we sat and filked the night away
Pink Ribbons that tie up Toy Tux
Who cares when Kim's giving him hugs?

Juggling a thousand blue elephants
throwing and catching them in my hands
selling them of to the pratchett fans
Wish I could juggle with elephants
Oh oh oh oh
Juggling a thousand blue elephants

A Quote
Again, the Labrat fishes for the quote file
Oh No
And Jos and Turtle geek, with Leathermans in hand to play
Dismantling whatever's nearby
And getting an el'phant to fly


Now filks have been made and are sung
Has Eelco still air in his lung?


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