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From: Daibhid Ceannaideach
Date: 04 May 2003 13:27:16 GMT
Subject: [I] Filk It!

Since so many others are writing filks describing the filking process, I though I'd write one myself. Actually, it wasn't a decision so much as suddenly thinking of a couple of lines and then... Oh, wait, I explain this in the song, don't I?

TTO "Beat It" by Michael Jackson

Some of the chorus just appears in my head
Then I can't rest 'till it's written and read
Look up the real lyrics so I know what they said
Then filk it
Just filk it

I cannot run from my quite deranged muse
Don't want to fight it, 'cos I know I'll lose
It doesn't quite scan, but then that's hardly news
Just filk it
But it's gonna be bad

Filk it, filk it
Find a dodgy rhyme and milk it
Showing how desperate you are for a line
Mangling tunes in this way is a crime
Just filk it
Filk it
Just filk it
Filk it


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