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Four Seasons of Delay

From: AfPhantom
Subject: [I] four seasons of delay? (was: Re: [F] The How Shall We Call This Meet)
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 22:36:35 -0000

Kristian Peacocke wrote in message <>...
>Kimberley Verburg wrote:
>> "Arwen Luné" wrote:
>> >You should have seem me staggering into my house at 7:00pm....
>> lets say that the NS had some hiccoughs...
>> Oh dear, did a leaf fall on the rails again?
>is this anything like the "four seasons of delays" message board at
>victoria station???

Hmmm... nice phrase...

With a nod to Crowded House :-)

Four seasons of delays
Trapped inside the depths of your depressing station
Lord alone knows when we'll go
Sunshine's good but black clouds always seem to slow your trains
Even when the weather's warm
The signal-boxes go astray
Just like four seasons of delays

Smiling as the trains run now -
You can hear what the announcements have to say!
Wait a bit - it's turning 'round
Engine failure strikes again... again...
You can take me where you will
Just so I'm not standing still
Like I've been doing ev'ry day
Like there's four seasons of delays...

Rust binds up
Your trains
Your trains
My life sucks
'Cos there's four seasons of delays


Doesn't pay to make a journey -
Sleepers on a leaf-laid bed
Sliding out of kilter and derailing your old trains
Ev'ry Bank Holiday
So there's four seasons of delays

Sorry, but you set me off ;-)


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