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Goodbye Steve Hurley

From: Miq
Subject: Re: [I] Goodbye, Steve Hurley was {I} Hello strange people?!?
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 22:07:04 +0000

Steve Hurley wrote
>If you cared to look at this thread
>more thoroughly, you would notice that it is I who has been subjected to
>most of the insults.

Translation, with apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan:

"For I'm called little Dunderhead, dear little Chunderhead,
Though I could never tell why!
But still I'm called Thickasmuck, poor little Shitlesscluck
Sad little Trollingfuck I.

"I've trolled and abused, then been shamefully used
By those who write better than me.
But I couldn't be shamed, though most skilfully flamed,
Because I've the brains of a flea.

"So I whimpered and mewled, I puked and I drooled,
And called it an answering post,
And right up to the end, I still tried to pretend
That I hadn't been crisped to a toast.

"For I've always relied on my thick trollish hide
(In lieu of both talent and wit);
I just cover my ears and ignore my sad fears,
That I'm just an embarrassing tit."

>I have only resorted to "reasonable force" in my
>defense. Even making an attempt to get back on topic was ignored. You chose
>to see only what you wanted in an effort to try and engage me in a battle of
>wits in when you are clearly no match.

I rest my case.

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