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I am a woman now

From: Orjan Westin
Newsgroups: alt.books.pratchett,
Subject: [R] [ABP] Filk: Angua (was Nasty Carrot? (T5E spoilers))
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 02:22:52 -0000

Karen wrote in message

Beware of crosspost! Should this turn irrelevant to DW, please remember to remove abp.

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> Orjan if I asked really nicely could you do this sort of analysis for
> Angua? :} After that I'll give you a shopping list...

Er, maybe, in my copious spare time. But I did finish my first DW Filk after reading your post, after having been stuck with the first verse since last spring. I dedicate it to you, Karen, but should someone want to hear it sung at the next CCDE I have someone else in mind for performing it. Nothing personal, ok? ;-)

Now this'll probably be unknown unless you are a) Swedish or b) Abbaphile, so I'll write a little introduction. Bjorn&Benny of Abba has been writing musicals after Abba split. The latest is called "Kristina från Duvemåla" and is based on Wilhelm Moberg's quadrology about Swedish emmigrants to the US. This song is sung by Kristina by the end of the musical, just before she dies, and she is crying to God 'You must exist', still trying to cling to the faith her hardships, miscarriages and dead friends has all but eroded. For some reason, this seemed a fitting song to base an Angua filk on.

The Swedish lyrics can be found on There's a midi at but I haven't listened to it so I can't vouch to the quality.

Here we go.


I am a woman now

Well, I left my home,
And I cut the strings attached
Sought a place of freedom from traditions,
from a way I could not lead my life.

And I found a man,
and he seemed to be a catch
Uninvited thoughts came, speculating,
I had never thought of myself as a wife.

Those thoughts are nothing but stories for children at bedtime
Nothing is simple and easy in this woman's world
Still it remains, and it's tearing my heart into pieces
Would I stay by his side, if he just said the word

Could I accept just to be only part of my true self
Could I reject so completely, that no doubt would remain
How can he see me as nothing but what I would have him
And I do fear to ask, I'm afraid of the pain

Oh, say that you love me, now tell me, I ask nothing more than a word
Just a word to tell me all I need to find some peace of mind
Oh, say that you love me, I need it, I can't understand what you feel
I am a woman now
But that is far from all I have let you see

Never before have I found it so easy to linger
Never before has the leash felt so easy to wear
The leash is a word, insubstantial and nothing but airwaves
Yes, the leash is my hope, I am waiting to hear...

How can he truly ignore what I am and accept me
I am a monster, a freak and a nightmare to boot
Oh, how I try to break free and control all my cravings
For if I should give in, then the question'd be moot

Oh, say that you love me, now tell me, I ask nothing more than a word
Just a word to tell me all I need to find some peace of mind
I try to control it, but now you have seen what's outside of your town
I am a woman now
If I should be the wolf, will you hunt me down?


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