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I Close My Eyes

From: Barry R
Subject: [I] Filk for Leonard of Quirm
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 19:30:20 -0000

For: Leonard of Quirm.
Tune: "We Close Our Eyes", by Go West

I get particles made to inspire,
Streaming into my mind.
Ceaseless, they are like hot lines of fire.
Never a chance to unwind
And while I just sit here
You can only see me drawing away

I close my eyes and more visions I see
This inspiration means there is no rest for me
I close my eyes and let the pictures free
I close my eyes and then draw carefully

No Go, this device isn't quite right
But I shall start it once more
Fresh start, building well into the night
Test it. Pick bits off the floor.
and as I rebuild it
you can only hear me working away

I close my eyes, and see an image true
My inspiration shows me just what I could do
I close my eyes and think the idea through
I close my eyes and...

I can design items
that will give the gift of flight
or can go underwater
or illuminate the night
brightly burning!

I close my eyes

I can't even escape in my sleep
There is nowhere I can run
And as I lie sleeping
you can only see me dreaming away.

I close my eyes and hope there'll be a day
when all the images I see will fade away
I close my eyes as on my bed I lay
I close my eyes and for respite I pray.

Barry R. B.F. The Official Sad Bastard

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