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I Heard It From Donald

From: Daibhid Ceannaideach
Date: 21 Feb 2003 20:12:09 GMT
Subject: Another song about Iraq

Lehrer again, all my own work:

I Heard It From Donald (TTO: I Got It From Agnes)

I'm President of USA.
It's time to bomb Iraq, I say.
Our evidence is beyond doubt,
Follow the trail to the horse's mouth....

I heard it from Donald, who heard it from Condoleez,
She's pretty sure Colin told her, but maybe that was a sneeze,
He heard from the CIA, who heard it on NBC,
And everybody knows that NBC,
Heard it from me!

I told it to Tony, the dire threat of Iraq,
He told everyone he knew, but couldn't convince Jacques,
Jacques told it to Gerhard, and made a deal most murky.
They don't want us to help the Turks, but hey,
Neither does Turkey!

The UN heard from Colin that there was definite proof,
And when he finally showed it, it would make them hit the roof!
The proof was sent to Condy, it took some time to reach her,
CIA verified the source and ran,
Checks on his teacher!

But I heard it from someone, just who isn't the point,
It might have been Joint Chiefs of Staff, or a staffmember having a joint.
I've got reasons to drop bombs, I'll guarantee they're true,
And if you keep asking questions then I might...

... I said "*might*"...

...drop one on you!


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