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It Makes a Fella Proud to be a Werewolf

From: Robert J Green
Subject: [I] My first filk
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 23:40:20 -0000

This is my first attempt at a filk, it isn't perfect but I felt I wanted to post it.

Spoiler Space for T5E





To the tune of: "It Makes A Fellow Proud To Be A Soldier" by Tom Lehrer

The heart of every being in our pack must swell with pride
For the nation's youth the cream of which is digesting inside
For the fascinating places that we can grow body hair
And the quaint and curious customs in which we don't play fair

Now Spot joined up to do his part defending you and me
He wants to fight and sleep and shag and eat you for his tea
With our hellish game he comes to grips
By eating from the fingertips
It makes a fella proud to be a werewolf

When Tom was under seven years he ate a guard
He likes the taste of meat but finds the killing hard
So he left some lying on the ground
Because the poor man came around
It makes a fella proud to be a werewolf

Now John's an intellectual - likes as book with every meal
He likes the deep philosophers, but hates the way they feel
He finds their books are just the thing
For acting as a napkin ring
It makes a fella proud to be a werewolf

The old mess sergeant's legs had been hacked off in a war
But the savoury collation boosted our espire de corps
Just think of the most marvellous thing
He couldn't do due to cooking
It makes a fella proud to be a werewolf

Wolfgang is the ultra nasty type
Killed his sister as a boy you just can bet
It is written in the stars
He'll kill people in bars
But he's not got picture ID yet

Our Barron has a handicap to cope with sad to tell
He's senile and he doesn't think like humans very well
He used to bring down mare and foal
But now he's got a doggie bowl
It makes a fella proud to be
What as a kid I found to be
With luck I'll be around to be a werewolf


Improvements and/or comments welcomed

Insults grudgingly put up with

R J Green

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