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King of the Ringwraiths

From: phobos
Subject: King of the Ringwraiths
Date: 11 Feb 2002 16:19:18 -0800

King of the Ringwraiths
(for which you may blame phobos, AdrianO, Aquarion and Ali from #afp,
around midnight of the 11 February 2002)

Well I'm the King of the Ringwraiths, oh, the Angmar VIP
I reached the top and had to stop 'cos Sauron doublecrossed me
Now Sauron needs his Ring back, the power to set him free
His one desire is in the Shire and that's why he sent me

So, oo be doo, I want that Ring off you
We're gonna capture you, torture you, ooh
Yeah can't you see, a Wraith like me
Can learn to be a Ringbearer too

Now don't try to kid me, Baggins, I'll get the Ring from you
We nearly stopped you at the Ford but somehow you got through
So give me that trinket, Baggins, come on, you know what to do
Then you'll expire in blazing fire as all our dreams come true.

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