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Leader Of Iraq

From: Nigel Stapley
Subject: [I] Filk
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 11:49:01 +0100

Funny the thoughts that come into your head at 6 o'clock on a Sunday morning...


Girl 1 : Is he really selling arms to him?
Girl 2 : Well there he is, let's ask him.
Girl 1 : Donald, is that Saddam's ring you're kissing?
Donald Rumsfeld : <muffled> hmmHMMM!
Girl 1 : Gee, it must be great trading with him!
Girl 2 : Is he picking you up at the UN tonight?
DR : <more muffled> HMM-hmm!
Girl 1 & Girl 2 : By the way, where'd ya meet him?

DR : <sings> I met him at the weapons fair. He turned around and smiled at me. You get the picture?

Girl 1 & Girl 2 : <retching>

DR : That's when I fell for The Leader Of Iraq.

<fx: low-flying missiles>

DR :
The liberals were always putting him down.
They say he'd gassed an entire town.
They told me he was bad,
But I just knew his moustache was sad.
But still I fell for The Leader Of Iraq.

One day, The Prez said, "Find someone new".
I had to tell my Saddam, "We're through".
He stood there and he asked me why.
I said, "'Cos they won't let you fly.
They're coming to get you, O Leader Of Iraq!"

<fx: bombers>

DR : <spoken>

He sort of smiled, and waved me goodbye,
But his fears were beginning to show.
As the bombs fell on that cold Spring night
I begged him to lie low.
But whether we killed him, we may never know...

<fx: missiles>

Look out! Look out! Look out! Incoming!

<fx: huge explosion, followed by two seconds of silence, then obligatory 'clunk' as something falls off what is left of a wall>

I felt so helpless, what could I do.
Remembering all the deals we'd been through.
All the WMDs he had,
Did he sneak them cross the border to El-Assad?
I'll never forget you, O Leader Of Iraq.

<fx: more missiles>

Leader Of Iraq, where has he gone?
Leader Of Iraq, where has he gone?

<repeat and fade, then reprise in Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Milton Keynes.....>

Original by Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich & George Morton. Parody by Nigel Stapley 2003.

Coming up after this word from your local station : the flip-side, "I Lost My Arms To A U.S. Trooper"....

Nigel Stapley

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