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The Lords Prayer...

From: David Sander
Subject: Re: [I] new book
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 23:05:39 GMT

Orjan Westin wrote:


> Hey, maybe I can achieve god-hood!
> If I've have to be omniafpresent, and if my mere presence here will make
> all well, maybe... Well, the least you can do hereafter is calling me Lord
> Orjan.


Lord Orjan, who art of afp,
Hallowed be thy posts.
Thy wibble come,
Thy posts be read in Netscape
As they might be in Outlook Express.
Give us this day our daily download,
And lead us not to flamage,
And forgive those who flame against us,
As thee hast overcome Dyscaligula,
With Pterry and the Cabal,
For afper and afper,




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