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Morning Song

From: Kevin Hackett
Subject: [I] Morning song
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 01:16:51 +0100

Still up, writing is getting easier now that the actual cognitive parts of the brain have gone to sleep leaving the rest to have it's wicked way with my consciousness. It's got to the point where I made this up halfway through writing a sig for a letter I just finished... it's not even as if I like Frank Sinatra

To the tune of 'My way'

I've had a bit,
but now the light's
come through the curtain.
I should
have had more rest,
I've lost my zest,
of this I'm certain.

But now the morning's near,
and I can hear
birds as if to say
Tough luck,
you had your chance,
but now it's Monday

I'm off now to let the rest of my brain join the cognitive bits

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