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Richard and Katie

From: Daibhid Ceannaideach
Date: 31 May 2003 18:36:41 GMT
Subject: [I] Family Bites- The first filk!!!!

And isn't that much better than being in the Steffigraph 8-)?

Of course there's only one song that *really* deals with A Certain Subject in as much delicate detail as FB...

Richard and Katie
(TTO "Barry and Freda" by Victoria Wood)

Richard was in his room one day,
Full moon was a few days away.
Being, surprisingly, solo,
"Forgot" that Katie was a no-no.

Katie saw him, wondered whether,
He knew about the man in leather,
Steeled herself to stay unled,
When Richard flashed a grin and said...

Let's do it, let's do it,
Tonight you're the one I chose.
No boast, I'm the most,
Fun you can have without your clothes
I'm feeling in fine fettle,
Tell you what, I'll help you carry up the kettle,
But let's do it, let's do it tonight.

But she said:
I shan't do it, I shan't do it,
This wolf's barking up the wrong tree.
Don't start; with that tart,
You burnt your final bridge with me!
I've found myself another,
Go and chase a cat, metaphoric or other.
I shan't do it, I shan't do it tonight.

So he said:
Let's do it, let's do it
I'm better than some other bloke
My desire's, to light your fire,
And maybe give the hearth a poke.
A hunt would just fail,
Sophia's scared the wildlife from here to Wicandale.
So let's do it, let's do it tonight.

But she said:
I can't do it, I can't do it
I really think I might be ill.
This thirst, is the worst,
And I've got a sudden chill.
Don't mean to seem catty,
But I think that guy really did drive me batty.
I can't do it, I can't do it toniiiiight.


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