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From: Richard Bryant

Well, here's your daily dose of utter wibble, courtesy of me missing lunch again. I note that the traffic seems to be increasing steadily, well done guys. Oh, and special credit to Robin and Gid for their efforts in making my twisted lyrics look like toilet-wall graffiti. Gid, i was a year old in 1971 - what the hell is that tune?
Anyway, here goes. One for all you sad old goths.

To the tune of _She Sells Sanctuary_
(with apologies to Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy)

Well the summer term
Made my piss burn
Never condoms spurn
Or your piss, or your piss burns
My habits always were
My underwear grows fur
Got a dose
Got a dose, I'm unclean
Done the most, had a host
Now it hurts when I'm peein'
[twangy guitar bit]


So the lesson's learned
In sleep-around terms
It's a lessen learned
Experience earned, how the worm has turned

I'm sure from now I'll be
Keep my bollocks clean
And sanitary

Cause it's crap
cause it's crap with the clap
It's a trap, it's a trap,
Keep away from the clap



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