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Sheddi Knights

From: SteveD
Subject: Re: [I] CCDE and Family Bites (was {F} Green Man meet)
Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 17:44:16 GMT

Lady Kayla meticulously glued three electrons together and said:

>On 07 May 2003 21:38:04 GMT, PussInSpooks wrote:
>>>From: Eric Jarvis
>>>a shed is where you keep your tqt...without tqt a shed is
>>>merely a wooden hut...a place of convenience rather than
>>>a place of recreation
>Whereas _the_ Shedde is a state of mind.


>You need bits of string, perhaps formed into a sort-of ball shape; a
>jar of screws, of varying sizes; a length of hosepipe that's tied the
>lawnmower to the bike; and a bent nail, for catching your cardie on as
>you go in.

Having never actually entered the Shedde myself, please excuse this filk of Green Day's _Good Riddance_ (aka "Time of Your Life") that immediately popped into my head, as it may be completely inaccurate.

"Sheddi Knights"

Some random bits of string, all wound up in a ball,
Jars of screws of random size ignore the Sheddite's call,
A length of ancient hose that ties the mower to a bike,
Bent nails and cardigans, the sort of things we like

We're sometimes unpredictable, but in the end we might
reveal what makes some folk the Sheddi Knights

A dusty cobweb, near the tea-stain on the bench
An unknown tennis ball, a greasy rusty wrench
Lead covered cable and strange fluids kept in jars
It may be tqt, the point is that it's ours

They're full of gently mildewed things that slumber through the night,
The refuge of retiring Sheddi Knights.

OK, it's over now. You can put the tomatoes down and step away from the catapult.


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