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Somewhere Deep in Suffolk

From: Melody Shanahan-Kluth
Subject: [I] Filk for CCDE
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 12:36:09 +0100

My very first filk , so judge me not too harshly :o)

To the tune of 'Somewhere in my Heart' by Aztec Camera

Somewhere deep in Suffolk
Where the air is still
Beer is being downed
There is such a thrill
The afpers , they all are there
Big shorts , no underwear
People crowd round on a hard bit of ground
Swinging cabbages in duels

Afpers all around are cheering
Waiting for the call
Stephen takes them all
And wins

Still we are in Suffolk
In a hot dry place
Auctions going on
Lyn is red of face
Fancy dress in all your gear
Hex has won and we all can cheer
What shall we do to celebrate?
Lets have a drink or maybe eight

Afpers all around are drinking
Lying on the floor
Buying just one more
Or three

Once more we're in Suffolk
And it is too hot
Supersoakers ready
We will wet the lot
Elton has rescued us
We'll get there ,by car or bus
Painting your own or meeting Terry
Plenty to do at the CCDE

Afpers all around are cheering
Meeting someone new
Raising just one glass
Or two

<fx runs away and hides>


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