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From: Adrian Ogden
Date: 3 Aug 1999 08:42:10 GMT
Subject: [I] Yet another CCDE filk

Considering the events of this weekend I'm amazed no-one thought of this one sooner. With apologies to Abba, I humbly present


Crawled into my tent at Friday's end
Dehydrated and feeling so-so
Saturday I woke at 5am
On a slowly deflating lilo
But with a cup of tea and bacon roll inside me
Suddenly I'll be alright
See them loading up their water guns
And spoiling for a fight

Chorus: Today the super soaker guns are going to drench me
Watch out everyone
Gosh, this looks like fun
Now can I borrow someone's gun?
Today the super soaker jets are going to quench me
Leave me cold and blue
But now there's something new
They're filling them with scumble too!

Meeting several hundred of my friends
Re-acquainted and making merry
Seems the signing queue just never ends
Have some sympathy for poor Pterry
Just this morning I was quietly concentrating
Trying to paint a figurine
Now we're filking very loudly
And the words are quite obscene!


We raised the dosh
I'm quite impressed
They're waxing legs and putting Cookie in a dress
And there are rockets to be launched
Then tents to pack
I know in two years time I'm coming back!


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