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The Council of Elrond

From: Adrian Ogden
Subject: [I][FILK] Another Tolkein / Disney filk
Date: 12 Feb 2002 16:05:39 GMT

This was inspired by the filk session on IRC which recently produced "King Of The RingWraiths" (ttto KotSwingers).

Because if we've got that, then obviously we need to do "Bear Necessities" as well. :-)

Scene: The Council of Elrond:

<Elrond address the council gravely>

"You all know why you have been brought here. The Dark Lord has sent his ringwraiths, his most trusted servants, out of Mordor to scour the face of Middle Earth. We may now reveal their purpose. They have been sent to...

<turns to camera, smiles, and bursts into song>

Look for the Ring to Rule Them All
That golden Ring to Rule Them All
The nine rings and the seven and the three
Durbatuluk and Gimbatul
Thrakatuluk and Krimpatul
So ruler of the whole world he can be!

Wherever you wander, wherever you roam
You're going to be wishing you'd stayed at home
The wraiths are hunting for the ring
And now there's Nazgul on the wing
This ring is Sauron's one desire
It must be taken to the fire
So someone must get through...

And Frodo, Destiny has brought the Ring to you!

Frodo: They'll come for me!
Elrond: They'll come for you!

You've got the Ring to Rule Them All
That golden Ring to Rule Them All
The Nine rings and the Seven and the Three
You know that man would be a fool
Who tried to wield the Dark Lord's tool
And thought his rule could keep the free world free

Boromir: The city of Gondor
Is in despair
So why go to Mordor?
What good lies there?
This gift we should not throw away
But rather use to win the day

Elrond: No mortal man can claim its power

His living soul it would devour
And make him a Dark Lord too.

No, my friend...
The ring of Sauron is a thing we must undo!

With the death of Isildur
Were our hopes betrayed
For the ring of the Dark Lord
Was not unmade
For hundreds of years he's been lookin' around
For the Ring he wants that could not be found
We know that he can't live without it
And now he knows we know about it
So there's only one thing to do

To Mordor you must go, and take the Ring with you!

Adrian Ogden

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