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The Great Ape

From: Daibhid Ceannaideach
Date: 31 May 2003 12:07:06 GMT
Subject: [I] Another Filk (not Kate Bush this time)

The Great Ape
(TTO "The Gnu" by Flanders and Swann)

A year ago last Fresher's Week I joined the old UU,
And I thought I ought to go and hit the books,
So I headed for the library, to see what they had got,
Though the other students all gave me odd looks.

When I saw the Librarian I began "But you're a mo..."
And right into my face that primate leant.
He folded his arms several times (think about it),
And softly muttered "ook!"
And you know, I knew *exactly* what he meant....

I'm a Great Ape,
I'm a Great Ape,
Monkeying around is not my sort of jape.
I'm a Great Ape,
A bloody Great Ape,
From whom you will be lucky to escape.

I'm a Great Ape,
I'm a Great Ape,
Lower primates are quite a different shape.
Don't confuse me at will,
With a macaque or mandrill.
No, no, no, I'm a Great Ape.


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