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The Teletubbies

Author: Mark Adri-Soejoko
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999

I had this sent to me by a friend a while ago and have just found it again Hope you enjoy it

To the tune of common people by PULP

She came from space, she had a taste for custard
She fell over and got very flustered
That's when she
Waved at me
She told me that her name was Laa Laa
I just smiled at her and said "Ha ha" Cos it rhymed
And then in twenty minutes time
I said
I want to live like the Teletubbies
I want to go wherever Teletubbies go
I want to play with Tinky Winky
I want to play with Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po
And then, what do you know?
She said....."Ehoh!"
She took me to a flowery golf course
I don't why, there were rabbits everywhere
Or were they...hares?
There was a windmill and a funny lady
And the sun looked rather like a baby
That laughed
And it wasn't the only one laughing
How bizarre, I said...
I want to live like the Teletubbies
I want to eat whatever Teletubbies eat
I want to pig out on Tubbycustard
I want to munch Tubbytoast ten times a week
But they didn't understand
They just smiled and all held hands
Wear a hat upon your head
Get a handbag that's bright red
Love your friends and give them hugs
Pretend you've never taken drugs
Still you'll never get it right
Cos when you're all tucked up at night
Watching Noo Noo sweep the floor
You can switch it off or watch Channel Four
You'll never live like Teletubbies
You'll never see whatever Teletubbies see
Never have a telly on your tummy
Never get paid a wad from the BBC
Or dance and drink pink goo
Because you've better things to do
Sing along with the Teletubbies
Sing along and you might not feel so blue
Dance along with the Teletubbies
Even though they're much better dancers than you
And do the silly things that they do
Because alien chic is cool...

Mark Adri-Soejoko

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