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The Ugly Geeking

Subject: [I] Filking again "the Ugly Geekling"
From: Barry R
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 02:02:05 -0000

OK, This is another Filk inspired by George[2]
This one is sung to the tune of the Ugly Duckling For those of you who havent heard the Mike Reid Version
I based it on (I like it better than the other ones) Words in ( ) are spoken,

The Ugly Geekling

There once was an ugly geekling,
who's code was quite buggy and loose
and the other geeks, all stuck in their beaks and
said "oy", just you vamoose.
You (clear off)
yes you (go on)
make some space there (get out of here)
So she picked up her pack
and then waddled to the back
with a very unhappy tear
<spoken> And there she was, all on her own,
and she didn't arf have the 'ump with those pillocks...
All through the winter months, she hid herself away
ashamed to show her code..
afraid of what others might say.
all through the winter months, with her lonely compiles of C
till some passing BOFHs, espied her there,
and very soon all agreed
"that's some mighty fine code indeed"
(geekling)Are you taking the mick, apologise or I shall be obliged
to impact my knuckles in your mouth...
(BOFH 1)Use you head now, we've just run you code through the
network for a while, and despite all we did, it didn't crash. Want
to join our team?

So the Geekling finally believed then, and realised that she was a
now a beautiful proto-BOFH..
I'm not such an Ugly Geekling,
My code is now really sublime
and the other geeks all looked at their feet and
said "ummm, you got some time?"
Please (we're stuck)
we beg (O please)
can you help us (we're so sorry)
and picked up her pack,
and she moved from the back
with a smile and a whistle and her *lart* slung on her back
and her head held noble and high
So whos an ugly Geekling
"Not I"

Hope you enjoyed it...

Barry R. B.F. The Official Sad Bastard

[2] and yes I have permission...

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