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The Werewolf

From: Lodestone
Subject: [I] Filk - The Werewolf
Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 12:14:41 +0100

(TTTO Kraftwerk's "The Model", based on the early pages of TFE)

The Werewolf

He's a werewolf and he's hunting food
He'd like to take me down, that's understood
I'm playing hard to get, know I have to try
It olnly takes a bright full moon to change their kind

I'm running out of time but there's a chance I'll win
Although I know that they catch up all the men
We're playing the Game and you can hear him say
We're chasing good so we won't have to pay

I hear hear howls in the forest every now and then
Until I get to Bonk I'll give the best I can
I'm seeking out some cover in a boat, but they
Are hidden in the bows, you'll never see me again


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