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This be the Clue

Author: Mike Knell
Date: 23 Jun 1999

In article <7koial$7hj$> , Lisa mitcham wrote:
> Just wondering if this is actullay a TP newsgroup? Because half the
> messages have nothing to do with him or his books. Am I the only one whose
> noticed this?
> Is this just a meeting place for fucked up people who like to think their TP
> fans? Stop arsing around and get down to actullay writing some decent
> messages.PLEASE!!!!!!

This Be The Clue

They fuck you up, your newbie hordes
They may not mean to, but they do
They fill your screen with ASCII swords
And add some flamage, just for you.
But they were fucked up, in their turn
By ISPs, with Netscape News
Who told them what commands to learn
Then failed to mention FAQs.
Man hands on netiquette to man
These simple rules make Usenet tick
Get clued as quickly as you can
Or folks'll think you're just a prick.

(with apologies to Philip Larkin. Oh, and before you cry "Verse 2 doesn't scan!", I pronounce FAQ as /F-A-Q/, not /fak/.)

Mike "ooh, I swore again" K.

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