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This Land...

From: Gideon Hallett
Subject: [I] This land...
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 08:13:55 +0000

Dear all,
A while back, on listening to Alice's Restaurant for the first time in a while, I was struck with a whim to filk a Guthrie song. So I've taken an axe to 'This Land Is your Land' (one of the US's great socialist songs), and the version below is the result.

(For added authenticity, try and sing it in a semi-educated backwoods accent. Or try and sing while projecting your tonsils through your nostrils; either should have much the same effect.)

This land was your land, this land was my land
Then Shrub seized power, now it's Dubya's Homeland
Sold to corp'rate backers, by the Texas oilman
This land's now private prop-er-ty

The smog stands heavy, on the Houston skyline
"Lay gave Shrub money!", says that newsstand byline
Only honest Texans liv'n on the breadline.
This land's now private prop-er-ty.

In the snowy Arctic, all the riggers drilling
Yukon to Utah, see the coffers filling
Shrub gets the millions, Joe gets a shill-ing
This land's now private prop-er-ty

From the redwood forest, that the logger's felling
To the downtown ghetto, where the dealer's selling
There's one clear signpost, for us it's spelling
This land's now private prop-er-ty

On the White House driveway, with the cronies wavin'
Bosses getting tax breaks, while the workers' slavin'
Funds are all a-dying, so it ain't worth saving
This land's now private prop-er-ty

And if you're thinking, that this war is ending
They'll start a new one, for the sake of spending
The blood is our blood, that the Government's sending
This land's now private prop-er-ty


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