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From: Aquarion
Subject: Re: [I] Titanic
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 20:43:44 +0100

Mike Knell took 24 tacks to pin this to the wall of
>Eric Jarvis wrote:
>>[1] not quite "they sa3 each other across the crowded ballroom", nor
>>even "their eyes met across the disco floor" [2] but very exactly
>>"their eyes met whilst leafletting each other at the Edinburgh
>Doesn't quite have the impact of "I met {her,him} at the candy store,
>{she,he} turnedarounansmiledatmeyagetthepicture?" (Yeah, we see) [1]
>of that other tale of Doomed Love At First Sight, though.
>Unfortunately, I can never remember the next few lines. For some reason
>my memory tells me it's "I took her to a supermarket", but that's
>*another* song of doomed love.

I must not filk.
Filk is the thread killer.
Filk is the little post that causes total obreferentialness
I will face my filk.
I will let it rhyme over me.
And when the tune has passed, I will set the MP3 player to it's path.
Where the filk has gone there will be nothing.
Only rhyme will remain.

Yours in total sincerity,


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