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Uruk-Hai Marching Song

From: MegaMole
Subject: [I] nspired by FoTR Extended
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 20:53:06 +0000

A little instafilk - don't worry, no spoilers, especially if you've either (a) read the book or (b) seen the original film. It does help if you've seen the Peter Jackson idea of an Uruk - see, for example,

It's also interesting in that it could be added to, and indeed I invite contributions.


For use when running up and down Wilderland chasing hobbits, Rohirrim or any other pathetic humans. To be done in the style of the US Army on manoeuvres - for example:

DRILL SERGEANT UGLUK: "We're the fighting Uruk-hai"
1st PLATOON, THE WIZARD'S OWN URUK INFANTRY (en masse): "We're the fighting Uruk-hai!"


So, atten-shun! here goes...

We're the fighting Uruk-hai,
We will kill, and you will die!
We love running in the light,
We don't stop for day or night.
We can slaughter just as fine
When the weather's Gale Force Nine.
All our falchions have a spike,
For the blood we Uruks like.
See the soldiers with the Hand
Slay at Curunír's command.
We eat children when we can,
'Cos we work for Saruman!
We're the fighting Uruk-hai,
We will kill, and you will die!

1stP, T.W.O.U.I.: One, two, many, lots... aw, this is boring. Let's kill something!

I'll just get my crebain from Dunland

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