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Weren't above me anymore

From: Susan M
Subject: [I]Weather filk
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 11:47:59 +0000

I've been stressed and depressed for about a week now. And for some reason this makes to creative. So...

TTTO 'You don't love me anymore' by Weird Al Yankovic

We've had this weather for so, very long
But now Britain's flooding, oh I wonder what's wrong
There's a depression around
The fronts are occluded, the rain pours down
I guess our, local government lost some esteem
When people looked out to see their road was a stream
Our climate used to be nice
Now it seems like we're heading for an age of ice
Oh-oh why did we disregard what happened last June
That kind of thing is hard to ignore
Now I wish these rainclouds
Weren't above me any more

I knew that we were having problems when
I saw those canoeists in the high street again
The trains aren't running on time
I'm missing the days when there were leaves on the line
You know I even think it's kind of cute the way
The people keep smiling while their homes wash away
I still remember the way that they cried
When they realised the government had lied
It seems like everyone's asking why were there no defences
The water's creeping over the floor
I guess we all were thinking
It won't happen anymore

The storm clouds billow and the thunderstorms roar
And I hoped it was ending but it seems that there's more
The water's rising higher
The street's fun of fireman even thought there's no fire
Oh it looks so ugly and it won't be cheap
The rain water poured down while I was asleep
It came while we were in bed
If we didn't have a drainage ditch we might all be dead
Oh-oh you know we really shouldn't be so suprised
We all know that it happened before
But still people tell me
It won't happen anymore
Oh no, no
How I wish these rainclouds
Weren't above me anymore

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