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Where are the Clues

From: Gid Holyoake
Subject: Where are the clues?
Date: 06 October 1998 16:25

As requested last night on #afp by Mr. Ellis, a filk of "Where are the Clowns":

It isn't DOS,
Win '95?
What is this system I've got
Here on my drive?
Where are the clues?

Could it be Mac?
Could it be DR-DOS 5?
Why can't I see?
Where are the clues?
Send in the clues.

Just when I thought
I'm on the ball.
Up comes a system
That seems to be diff'rent from all.
Pounding my keyboard again
With my usual flair,
Type in "ll"
Something is there.

Look at the book,
Look at the screen.
I realise that it's UNIX,
Where have I been?
And where are the clues?
Quick, send in the clues.
Don't bother, they're here.

Isn't it strange?
I couldn't see.
Cluons went out of the door,
I blame NT!
But, where are the clues?
There ought to be clues.
Will there ever be...?


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