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Will Survive the Y2K

Author: David Ferguson
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999
Subject: [I] Will Survice the Y2K (filk warning)

Ahem, for all you Y2K survivalists, sing along, you know the tune.
<Adjust spangly wig>
>fx: clears throat loudly>
<filk mode>

When I first saw all this code, I was petrified
I knew there was no way I'd get it modified!
But I'd have tried a little harder
Done much more to earn my pay,
If I'd thought for just one second that I'd still be here today!
The screens are black
The files erased
And all the users hunting for me with that look upon their face.
Wasn't I the one who said our systems would be fine?
Now where the credit would be shared,
it seems the blame must be all mine!
I'd better go
Get out the door,
Just turn and run now
'cos I'm not welcome any more.
As all the angry users try to capture me
How I wish I'd bought that chicken farm out in the Hebrides[1]
Oh no! Its my,
But as long as I stay out of range I hope I'll stay alive.
And as I flee
Lots of users chasing me.
Software revise
Will I survive?
Yeah yeah.

</filk mode>

[1]note for the geographically challanged, Islands off the west coast of Scotland, some of which are pretty remote.
[2] note for Merkins, XXXXians and other persons not familiar with UK type paperwork stuff - the P45 is the form you get when you leave your job, voluntarily or otherwise.

Coat on and leaving already!

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