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Many moons ago (1996 actually, but who's counting?), a discussion started in AFP about the game known as DIPLOMACY.

Several people thought it'd be a nice idea to start an afp game of diplomacy where like minded people could team up, play a game, and then stab each other in the back.

Thus afpdip was born.

Afpdip was ran for a while on Murky's machine, then Leo came along and offered afpdip an Lspace home - therefore you can join our happy throng of back stabbing devils by sending a blank email to with the word subscribe in the subject line.

If you would like to find out more about Diplomacy you could take a look at "The Diplomat", our website.

There are links from there to other diplomacy sites. New games start as and when there is demand, and someone to run the game. There is even a discworld variant...

Even if a game doesn't start soon, if you're interested it would be good to watch the progression of the current games - know your enemy....

Note: 'Diplomacy cluelessness' can be addressed through examples and watching games take place - general cluelessness cannot. Please be willing to read the information which has been made readily available on the website, most information is linked to from there.

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