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Dutton's Laws of Diplomacy

  1. Always remember: The sum total of people on your side is always one : you.
  2. Never pick a one-on-one fight with someone bigger than you. In fact, if you can help it, never pick a one-on-one fight at all.
  3. Avoid two front wars. At least for yourself. Inflicting them on someone else is fine.
  4. When stabbing, pick your spots. Is a single SC worth the damage to trust between you and the victim?
  5. Always be prepared to jettison one plan for a better one, no matter how good the original was when you came up with it.
  6. Always have a plan. Knowing where you want to be the move after this one makes this move more effective.
  7. In the record books, no win is uglier than any other; all are prettier than draws.
  8. Ted's law: Do not place your forces between an ally and his path of expansion.
  9. Dead enemies can't fight back. Live ones (even if with only a single unit to their name) can. <Murky's corollary: Killing 'em off can sometimes be counterproductive, especially if you are an edge power.>
  10. Dave Stephen's first law (of the free-for-all, but it applies): At all costs do not be the most visibly dangerous thing on the board.
  11. Stephen's second law: Don't fight your allies while you've still got enemies to take care of. <Murky's addendum: Watch for allies who would be more profitable to have as (defeated) enemies, and enemies who can't be defeated and so should be friends!>
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