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Subject: Re: *I* Blokes on bombs (was: *A* Susan and SM)
Author: Adam Jones
Date: 1996/08/07

On 6 Aug 1996 07:54:53 GMT, John Fouhy is alleged to have written:

>> If you haven't played Dip, it's like risk
>> but without the dice. One proceeds by making
>> deals and alliances with neighbours - no one
>> person is strong enough to do anything on
>> their own at the start. You then
>Except run around and grab unclaimed supply centres..

Always leads to fun in eastern Europe...

>One supply centre = one army, 34 in total.
>Two armies needed to defeat one, hence
>alliances required..
>> This is where you find out if you've
>> been backstabbed.
>Oh, but I would never backstab anyone... :-)

Never! Never! No-one ever backstabs, they just don't do what youexpect...

>> The beauty of it is that you have to
>> renege on some deals, but if you
>Or not make any.. :-)
>One of the skills of diplomacy is making
>someone think you're allied with them
>without actually stating it. :-)

Just like real life...
Only thing that's not like real life is that you can't flog arms todictatorships, then go to war with them...

>This has the added bonus of making people
>who you have created an alliance with
>formally think themselves safe. :-)
>*- It would be entirely feasible to have an
>*- afp diplomacy game the one problem is that
>*- I don't have a copy of the board to refer

>I do have a .GIF of the map...

If its not too big, I don't think too many people would mind it beingposted...

/me ducks

Hell, if there is a game, I'm up for it so long as I'm not Germany - Ihad a bad experience of that last time - everyone else simultaneouslydecided they wanted to have a vacation in Germany...

Adam Jones -

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