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Subject: *I* Blokes on bombs (was: *A* Susan and SM)
Author: John Fouhy
Date: 1996/08/11

In article <>, Murky B <> wrote:
> I can't seem to find anywhere how the starting
> positions work, there are X powers to start - how
> many are needed, do they have predefined
> territories or what?

In the standard game, there are 7 countries (England, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Russia, and Austria-Hungary), each with 3 supply centres (and officially 3 non supply centres, except Turkey, which only has 2), except Russia, which has 4. When you are building an army, it can /only/ be built on one of those.

> Will we use a judge program, or will we have
> a human moderator? My current preference is
> for a human moderator, and then use a judge
> later (the judge program seems very
> convenient, but unforgiving).

Probably best. Someone who knows the game reasonably well and can spot silly moves and question them..
(don't know whether a judge will bounce invalid moves in time for the person to remove or not)

> Let's move this to a mailing list - send blank email to
now obsolete, see the up to date information.

I think I'll leave it to somemore slightly more competant if people want this conversation shifted whole..

-=)> John <(=-

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