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Subject: AFP Diplomacy*I* was Re: Blokes on bombs (was: Susan and SM)
Author: (Piers Forrest (at home))
Date: 1996/08/11 (Murky B) wrote:

> X-No-Archive: Yes

> So who's up for a game? (Maybe two games? Novice/Experienced)

> I am up for a game, very firmly in the novice
> class - and I still have to work out the
> intricasies of these Judges . . .

> (Send mail to judge@cs.UManitoba.CA with the
> word "help" <noquotes> in the BODY)

I'm confused by the different threads, so I am moving to this one as it has Diplomacy in the header.......

Elsewhere, Muky B wrote:
: Reading further, the judges seem a good idea - if
: someone who knows how to use them acts as a
: gamesmaster who can help people out.

and elseelsewhere, he wrote:
| Will we use a judge program, or will we have a
| human moderator? My current preference is for
| a human moderator, and then use a judge later
| (the judge program seems very convenient, but
| unforgiving).

If we use the judge program, there is still a human moderator. The judge merely automates that which can be automated. As for the judges' forgiveness, all of the public judges are running under flavours of UNIX, so what do you expect?[1]

| Volunteers to moderate?
: Well volunteered Piers.
Oh Bugger!

OK, next step.

We need seven players. From the various threads, it looks like we have two so far. If anyone else is interested, please say so. When we have all seven, we can decide exactly how and where it should be played.

Be aware that it will probably take 2 to 3 months to reach a conclusion, at 2 moves per week. That is not as big a commitment as it sounds; the amount of time you actually spend playing is entirely up to you.

If you have never played diplomacy before, please don't let that put you off. Within the bounds of impartiality, I will do all I can to help.

So, let's get started.

[1] OH NO! PUT THAT FLAME GUN DOWN NOW. PLEASE? That was a joke.[2]
[2] Can anyone come up with an emoticon that looks like Tony Hancock or Paul Merton? Something that implies a joke without spoiling a deadpan delivery?

Piers Forrest, Cardinal Computers Limited, London, UK

"640K ought to be enough for anybody." (Bill Gates, 1981)

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