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GM Roll of Honour

This page is intended to record the people who have served as GM on AFPDip. Without the GMs we would have no games. The GM will receive a credit when the game is complete. Please let me know if there are any errors or omissions.

A statistics page is also available.

Name Games
Murky 5 Perdita, WMArthur, Newbie, Hogfather, Io (Main GM)
Aellath ½ Vorbis, A'Tuin, Brutha
Piers Forrest 2 Cohen, Carrot
Jake 1 PTeppic
Ydris 1 Angua
Alex Kamilewicz 1 Jingo
Hippie 1 DMH Dibhala
Suzi Holyoake 1 Susan
Dave Kettering 1 Io (Error Checking GM)
Craig Dutton ½ ½ Vorbis

Thanks to all the GMs so far.

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