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AFPDip Game Names

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AFPDip Game Names

It has been tradition that each game on AFPDip is given a unique identifying name, once that game is started then no other game can use that name (though if a game never gets off the ground then the name may be reused).

Games used on AFPDip should not be used on AFPCiv, and vice-versa. This is because there will be overlap in the populations of these lists.

This file has been created to fulfil three functions

  1. To provide a list of names which have been used.
  2. To allow a GM to reserve a name for their next games (I feel a maximum of two reservations is sufficient).
  3. To provide suggestions for future game names for when the mind goes blank.

Note, if a name is NOT on the list, it does not mean that it may not be used, however if a name has been reserved then it may not be used unless the reserver agrees.

Used Names

The following names have been used, and may not be used again.
  • AFPDip
  • Angua (the second newbie introduction game, GM Ydris)
  • Brutha (Octarine game, GM Nic - taken over by Elizabeth Hostetter)
  • Carrot (a standard game, GM Piers Forrest)
  • Cohen (a standard game, GM Piers Forrest)
  • DMH Dibhala (colonial variant, GM Hippie)
  • Great A'Tuin (a standard game, GM Kevin Litwack - taken over by Elizabeth Hostetter)
  • Hogfather (the first Octarine playtest, GM Murky)
  • Io (a game on the standard map - the first game played using the 'blind' rules, GM: Murky)
  • Jingo (an 'old hand' 'by invitation' standard game, GM Alex K)
  • Mericet (colonial variant, GM Hippie)
  • MrsCake (standard, crystal ball, GM Murky)
  • Newbie (the first newbie introduction standard game, GM Murky)
  • Perdita (a Modern game, GM Murky)
  • PTeppic (the second Octarine playtest, GM Jake)
  • Scrofula (middle earth variant, GM Charles Collicut)
  • Susan (a Modern game, GM Suzi)
  • Twoflower (a standard game, GM Yuval)
  • Vorbis (octarine V5 game, GM Craig Dutton)
  • Wee Mad Arthur (a hundred3 game, GM Murky)
  • Cruces (payola standard, GM Piers Forrest)
  • Nobby (standard, GM Mike Smith)

Reserved names

The games in this section may or may not come to fruition, GMs are asked to keep me informed as to the status of the game, especially if the name becomes available for someone else. These names may not be used without the consent of the reserver. In the event that the reserver leaves the list, or the name is dormant for two years (without re-reservation or use) then the name will be freed.
  • Gaspode (Reserved by Dave Kettering, July 2000)
  • DEATH (Reserved by Suzi, July 2000)
  • Tacticus (Reserved by Elizabeth Hostetter, July 1999)
  • Agnes (Reserved by Craig Dutton, June 1999)
  • Magrat (Reserved by Craig Dutton, June 1999)
  • Gytha (Reserved by Craig Dutton, June 1999)
  • Esmerelda (Reserved by Craig Dutton, June 1999)
  • Nanny Ogg (Reserved by Elizabeth Hostetter, March 1999)
  • +++REDO FROM START+++ (Hex error message, reserved by Alex Ridge, August 98)

Freed up names

This section lists game names which were reserved, but which the GM has relinquished without a game starting under that name.

Possible names

This is a list of possible game names, compiled to provide inspiration to future GMs. Nb. These are ideas for game names - not a list of character names.
If a name, is not on the list, please suggest it.
The bigger the list is, the more it serves it's purpose.

If you want to GM a game you do not have to choose a name from this list, but please remind me to update the lists above so that your name is reserved.

A reference has been given for each name, this may not be the only, or best, reference, but it gives a way to look up the name.

Please check this list for errors in the spelling of a name, or the reference given to a name. A reference has been given for each name, this may not be the only, or best, reference, but it gives a way to look up the name.

Where a name is listed here as well as the above lists, please let me know. In the meantime, the above list takes precedence.

  • 71 hour Ahmed (Jingo)
  • A. Nutter (Good Omens)
  • Alfred (Death Books)
  • Angalo (Nome Trilogy)
  • Bilious (ref: Hogfather)
  • Bursar (From UU)
  • Bursar's Spoon (Obscure listing from Matt Szyndel)
  • CMOT Dibbler (From Ankh Morpork, ref: Moving Pictures)
  • Colon (Ankh Morpork watch, ref: Guards! Guards!)
  • Death of Rats (Reaper Man)
  • Detritus (Soul Music?)
  • Dorfl (Ref: Feet of Clay)
  • Duc (Ref: Witches Abroad)
  • Dungeon Dimensions (Ref: TCOM)
  • Eric (Ref: Eric)
  • Errol (Guards! Guards!)
  • Golem (Feet of Clay)
  • Granny (Witch books)
  • Greebo (Witch books)
  • Grimma (Nome Trilogy)
  • Hex (Later books involving Unseen University)
  • H'run (Ref: TCOM)
  • Johnny (ref: Only you can save mankind)
  • Librarian (Almost any book)
  • Luggage (Rincewind books)
  • Masklin (Nome trilogy)
  • Mort (Mort)
  • Necrotelicomnicom (A book in the UU library)
  • Ridcully (Archchancellor at Unseen University)
  • Rincewind (Inept wizzard)
  • Ook (Conversation with the Librarian)
  • PTraci (Ref: Pyramids)
  • Ramkins (Ref: Guards! Guards!)
  • The Thing (Nome trilogy)
  • Verence (ref: Wyrd Sisters)
  • Vimes (Ref: Guards! Guards!)
  • Weatherwax (Witch books)
  • YouBastard (Ref: Pyramids)
  • Yo-less (Ref: Johnny and the Bomb)

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