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AFPDip 'Playing the Game FAQ'

This is the list of Frequently Asked Questions (otherwise known as questions you should have asked but haven't thought of yet) for playing Diplomacy in AFPDip.
Maintained-by: Murky B
Date-Created: 6th May 1997
Last-modified: 28th Oct 1998


  1. How do I play?
  2. How do I join a game?
  3. What's involved in a game?
  1. How do I play?

    The rules are included in the game, they may be purchased directly from Avalon Hill. I'm sorry that we can't explain the rules in any great detail, but they're copyright, and tend to be protected. Permission has been granted for PBM and PBEM diplomacy, and the use of the maps, but not for the publication of the rules. Diplomacy can be purchased from any good toyshop. A legitimate question to ask of the list is: 'I live in ____, does anyone know a good place to find the game Diplomacy?'.

    You can get a good idea the main rules by looking at some of the tutorials in "The Diplomatic Pouch". You can also watch the games in progress.

    If you have an understanding of the basic rules, then perusing the strategy pages would be a good thing to do.

  2. How do I join a game?

    Games are started on an irregular basis. You can get a game in one of two ways

    Remember, that you'll be subject to the house rules of the GM.

    Do not volunteer somebody else for a game, even with their consent. Players should step forward of their own volition. Similarly you should have lurked for a while before taking on a game.

  3. What's involved in a game?

    Look out for any message with the name of your game in the subject line. Note that each game is given a unique name.

    Typically you'll be expected to submit orders every few days, the penalties for missing orders will depend upon house rules, but may eventually result in a replacement being sought. Upon joining a game you are signing up for a long term commitment, and will be expected to finish.

    If you become known for late orders or dropping out of games then you'll find it harder to find a place in a new game.

    If you must drop out, for whatever reason, it is only polite to give notice and to try and arrange for a temporary or permanent replacement where this is feasible.

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