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This page of The Diplomat is held on a remote site. This is for ease of updating by the GM


This file is for a "remote" diplomat page, in other words, it will be a page that is on a website controlled by the GM of the game. It has been designed so it will look to The Diplomat's server for any icons/backgrounds etc - the primary reason for this is that any browser should already have a cached copy of these, if a local copy is used then the icons will need to be reloaded and the page will take longer to download.

Note that if you look at this page when offline, the image links will appear broken - this is normal - the links will be okay when you go online

To take this page for your own use, use the "save as" function on your browser.

If you have any problems setting up the remote page, let me know. When you're ready for the world to see your page, let me know and I'll link you in from the Diplomat. The advantages of using this HTML should be obvious, the main advantage is the standard "look" given to your players...

Feel free to modify this HTML to your own ends, but please retain a link back to The Diplomat and the "News" page.


Any blurb about your game goes here.

Results are placed here as PREFORMATTED TEXT.

This means that things such as line breaks are honoured.

This makes it easy to cut and paste from your email message.

You may prefer to get rid of the PRE tags and fully HTMLify your
results, but this is more work. I did this for the Perdita
game, and I am pleased with the resulting look.

Information about the next deadline goes here!

You should already be subscribed to the mailing list for receiving information. If you're not then see the information on the webpage.
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