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arthur arthur Wee Mad Arthur
Wee Mad Arthur is a Hundred3 game. You should view the rules for Hundred3.

This game is adjudicated by hand. You should check for errors.

A Lor s A Can
A Can s A Cha-Dij
A Fla s A Cha-Dij
A Cha-Dij
A Cal s A Cha-Dij
F Lon s A Cal
F Dov s F Dev-Ech
F Dev-Ech

A Par - Orl (*bounce*)
A Nmd S Par - Orl
F ECH - Brt (*bounce*, *dislodged*)

A Cas - Ara
A Dau S A Orl
A Sav S A Dau
A Brt S A Orl (*cut*)
A Orl S A Dau
A Guy S A Brt

The English unit in the English Channel retreats to the Bristol Channel.

France proposed that Burgundy be nominated the winner, as "He is on 8, and England will probably forfit another SC to him.".

This vote was passed unanimously, I hereby declare that Burgundy is the winner.

End of game statements, if you please.

Burgundy writes:
> The vote was unanimous. Burgundy is declared the winner.
Whoo hoo!!!!

Oh, sorry, got carried away there.

Myself, I think it was largely won early, with the combination of my stab of France in the second move and convincing England to help me in the following 5-year set.

England got beat down quite badly early on (due to some lucky/unlucky guesses), to the point where, really, after the first move I felt it was between me and Nic; at which point I decided to make sure it wasn't him.

There were some close moments after that, but I really think that early stab is what won it.

England writes:
*sigh* another on bites the dust.

This was either my second or third Dip game to play. The first, Perdita, i made the mistake of trusting Piers (yes, i'm still pissed about that one) and ended up as equal second to fall. In Scrofula i was in an unhealth position to begin with and have ended up being ganged up on by all four of the other major powers, fairly easy since i'm smack bang in teh middle of them. If Boggly ever gets around to processing the last round i will demise from that game also.

At least i finished in Wee Mad Arthur. admittedly last, and since to actually destroy me they would have already won, so surviving wasn't a major consolation.

Why did i go badly? well, i made some bad decisions to start with. and i found myself attacked on both sides. *someone* had to be. i knew that when i started the game. someone was going to get stabbed straight away. my accursed luck meant of course that it was me. i would like to think that i made a valiant attempt to stand, but i'll let history be my judge. ;)

well done to Craig and bad luck to Nic. you both played well and were valuable opponants. shame i wasn't ;-)

and thank you of course to Murky, for just being a damn fantastic sort of bloke.

Salu and here's hoping for a better run in Dibhala.

King Chapman III, now resting safely in exile in Cairo.

France writes:
For those who don't know, there are 3 variants of Hundred v3 (v3, v3.1, & v3.2). The varients were slight alterations due to the strength of Burgundy in plain v3.

Since we were playing v3, I knew that Burgundy was the main target, but the starting positions meant that the presence of English units to my west means I had to be cautious. The first year I was hoping to get Cantons, and urge Burgundy to look towards England (rather him than me :)). Going for Guy from the start was a hope to slow down Englands taking of Brt, when it transpired that I gained Guy, it was an added Bonus, losing a northern SC in exchange was fine. Since this meant I controlled the south of the board and had just one front to fight on (albeit a long front stretching from Guy - Can).

Burgundy seemed to be doing well, at the expence of England - who had made some errors (in either strategy or judgement). At this point, content with my immediate position that I knew Burgundy had to be clipped. I offered to help England, for non-aggression in return - clipping Burgundy was my main goal. However England chose the wrong time to go for Scotland, and once Burgundy got an SC, he chose the wrong time to leave the South of England vunerable. Burgundy was growing stronger, and so I would be vunerable to attack, so I knew that I had to grab some SC's to both fend off Burgundy, and hopefully to either then put the pressure on him or hold up the reminant butt of England to secure the draw.

The draw looked unlikely once Burgundy got to 7 with the 8th certain. So one last try before giving in to the inevitable. Burgundy played the moves well and got his 8th, so I then proposed the concession to Burgundy.

Thanks to all for the game, especially to Mark as GM.


Game History

The win condition is NINE SCs.

Year 1425 1430 1435 1440
Burgundy 4 6 7 8
England 5 3 4 3
France 4 6 5 6
1425 1430 1435 1440
Brittany brt E E F
Calais cal E B B B
Cantons can F F B
Castile cas F
Devon dev E B B B
Dauphine dau F F F F
Dijon dij B B B B
Flanders fla B B B B
Guyenne guy E F F F
Holland hol B B B B
London lon E E B B
Luxembourg lux B B B B
Normandy nmd E F E E
Orleanais orl F F F F
Paris par F B B E
Scotland sco E E
Toulouse tou F F F F
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The GM MurkyB
Burgundy (Philip the Good) Craig Dutton
England (Henry VI) Ross A Chapman
France (Charles VII) Nic Chilton