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A 'Blind' standard game of Diplomacy
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The Players are:
Power Player Power Player
Austria John Italy Charles
England Craig Russia Gwyn
France Suzi Turkey Mikey
Germany Hippie Jason GMs Murky and Dave Kettering
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About this game

Io is a standard game played under 'Blind' rules.

During the game, each player is sent a report detailing just whattheir units can 'see'.

These reports are placed online, but in an encoded form (PGP263i). If you want to read the reports you will have to ask the player for the passphrase. Please do not allow another player to obtain this passphrase!

Reports will be sent to the players in plaintext, but if they wish to guard against a misdirecting of their email they can opt for a PGP coded email.

If they discover a passphrase, players are honour bound to report it without use.

At the end of the game the reports are to be decoded.